Tips for a safe Oktoberfest


Have fun - party together - meet new people


But remember: On the worldwide biggest folk festival, sexual harassment and assault is happening. Responsible for this is always and only the offender. The team of "Sichere Wiesn" ("Safe Oktoberfest") stands up for an enjoyable and carefree visit for every girl and woman at the Oktoberfest.


Pfotn weg, I mog ned! (Bavarian for "Don't touch!")



Before going

  • Plan how to get home: Don’t leave the Oktoberfest alone or with someone you met there. Before going to the Oktoberfest, arrange a meeting point with your friends or tour group, for example at a specific ride (the giant ferris wheel is easy to spot) or at the Service Center (Servicezentrum).
  • Wear a wristband: You can get a wristband for free from your hotel or campground with their address and details about the Security Point. Wear the wristband throughout your stay in Munich.
  • "Survival kit": Take your mobile phone, some money, your keys, and your address with you. It is best to secure this on your person, not in a handbag, which could be lost or stolen.


While at the "Wiesn" (Oktoberfest)

  • German beer is much stronger that what you are probably used to at home. It is important that you are always able to take care of yourself and respond to any situation. In the tents, you can also order a ”Radler" – say “rudler”, which is half-lemonade/half-beer, or bottled water.
  • Be comfortable saying ”No thank you.” Even if somebody buys a round of beer,
  • you don’t have to drink one.
  • Watch your drink: There have been cases of drinks being spiked at the Oktoberfest.
  • Say no: If you are asked to do something you are uncomfortable with, trust your feelings and say no.
  • Tents may be closed: Keep in mind that tents may be closed because of overcrowding. Better don’t leave the tent alone to visit the restrooms – you may not be allowed back in. If possible, use the washrooms inside the tents.
  • In case of an emergency: Call out to other people for help. Speak to someone directly. Use any means you have to defend yourself. If possible, call the police (110).
  • Rides and attractions: Please be aware that there have been cases of sexual harassment or even assaults. If something does happen, please meet us at the Security Point.
  • Don’t sleep at the Oktoberfest or nearby: If you are drunk or tired or lost, come to the Safe Oktoberfest Security Point.

Need help?

  • Have you become separated from your friends?
  • Don’t remember the name of your hotel or campground?
  • Are you drunk, lost or tired?
  • Have you been threatened?
  • Have you been harassed or abused?
  • Have you been raped?



Come to the Security Point – we’ll help you!




located below the Bavaria statue in the Service Center (Servicezentrum in German), next to the police and at the same entrance as the Red Cross


daily from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., additionally, every Saturday from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m.


phone +49 89/ 50 222 366






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